I'm a little bit of a noob at guitar techniques. When i try to bend on my strat i can't seem to get the note i want. Do i need to loosen up the thing on the tremolo to make the strings slinkier?
Do you mean you have trouble getting TO the note you want (ie you're unable to bend it far enough) or that you can't consistently bend to a note (you over or under bend).

If it's the first, make sure you're using proper bending technique. It's a motion kind of like opening a door knob, it doesn't come from your fingers. Check youtube for a tutorial or something.

If it's the latter you just need to practice.
tighten the tremolo and get slinkier strings.

for me: i blocked the tremolo (basically a hard tail) and using 9 gauge ernieball.
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I picked up a great little tip at a blues seminar.

If you're having problems with reaching the note (like you go either too high or too low), play the note you're on, then the note you want to go to, and play the first note then bend to the higher note. It really helps in comparing what it should sound like to how you play it.

If it's just too hard to bend, you'll need to practice to build up finger strength.

As for HOW you bend, well, that's a little different. You could either read up on it, or just keep practicing until you learn how to do it yourself. For me, it was the latter. So, up to you on that one.
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keep practicing. it's the key to anything.
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You are so vague. Can you not reach the note? Or do you keep overshooting, or undershooting?

It's all about practice.
buy thinner strings.
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Practice reaching the right note.
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