Hey guys,

I was recently looking into guitars because my Martin DXM frets are starting to wear after four years. I know i can file them down, but I guess I wanna start looking for a new guitar. I was in guitar center the other day and I was blown away with this acoustic Gretsch

I just wanted to know if anybody knew anything about it. I know Gretsch is a very good electric name, but I am completely unfamiliar with their acoustic line.

Thanks, Marcus
I dig the Gretsch acoustics too. A few years ago they had problems with the necks twisting on some of their models, but I haven't seen any with that problem for awhile. The only real problem with these is the funky shaped soundhole. You can't fit a feedback buster in there if you need it live.
yeah the guitar plays sweet. Anybody know anyone who has one and whether or not they like it?