ok ive noticed that my guitar has string action too high at the nut. i noticed when i was playing my acoustic. my acoustic is perfect action wise. like it feels like i barely have to try to press down the strings. ive noticed i need to put more effort into pressing on my electric. it affects me most when i play in the open position up to around the root A position(on 6th string). ive lowered it a bit already it everything is fine but it still doesnt feel as good as the acoustic. im wondering, what is an ideal height for action at the nut? like by measuring at the 1st fret.id still like to lower it but i dont want to go to far.
measure ur neck angle first. make sure thats fine.

fret the first fret low E. and at same time fret last fret low E. (where neck meets the body.)

look at the middle frets. see if there is more than a credit cards thickness between the fret wire and the strings there.

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