I just bought an ESP Viper - 400 and i really love it except for one major flaw. when i play standing up, the neck of the guitar falls toward the ground. at first i didn't think this was a problem, but it is really annoying to hold up the neck while trying to play. does anyone know anything i can do to fix this? moving the strap buttons? get a new guitar? thanks for your help
moving the strap buttons should help. this is very common on sg type guitars.
the lesser known of the 4
Yep, typical SG shaped guitar with strap buttons behind neck.

Tie bricks to other end (very viable)
play it like those guitarists in trivium do (ROFLMAO)
move strap button
get a leather/suede strap (most viable option)
Sorry to hi-jack (wow, two in the space of minutes)

How would someone go about changing the strap-locks? and does it actually rectify the neck dropping? or just help it?