It's pretty good, but I think you need more stuff in your music. Even just a simple bass track would be nice. I like your melodic solo on absence, but the solo guitar needs to be a little louder. Check out my music, because it is instrumental, too. It has electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums in it. I like driving music, too, especially the effects things around 1:10 or so.
Crit as I listen.
So far I like Winter snow, but i fear the timing gets a bit off, unless it's just myspace.
It does lack a certain discernable rhythm, but I like your chord progressions.
The tone's alright, can hear a couple dead notes here and there.
I like how you change keys a lot, but it almost sacrifices the song's flow at points.
Didn't like the distorted part. Seemed a little out of time, really really jarring, and the tone was dull, not to mention the riff.
If you had just kept it as a bunch of clean tone textures, this would be amazing, it sounded like piano for a minute.

Around 1 50, I reallyreally do not like the electric. Try less fuzz.
The song needs more of a discernable melody, and for someone saying they do a lot of layering and texturing, this seems really dull, I'd try adding many more things to it, a bass part, harmonies, a melody perhaps? some harp harmonies def.

So in total, decent tone, it was okay.
Good chord progression on clean.
Really dull mood killing electric, if you're going to make this work, add drums, bass, and some lead melodies.
But whatev, It wasn't bad at all. This isn't an attack, just an honest crit. I liked the clean stuff a lot even.

Crit back?