i got some questions for when he covered Wild thing and Like a rolling stone.

what effects did he use for these songs?

when he stops playing in wild thing, his amp seems to be breaking up the sound, which sounds amazing to me. how did he do this?

in like a rolling stone it sounds like he is going light on the fuzz effect with something else but i cant put my finger on it.

anyone got an answer to these?
yeah but his marshall was tweaked really heavily, i'm pretty sure he did something to the speakers on his amps
but is that what made his sound break up at every pause of wild thing? cuz it sounds really cool lol
zoot nice link man.

boards he muted his strings and the amp was breaking up the sound still, his volume being up to 10 caused this? hm
thats how he is always able to feedback on a dime, volume.

(beyond gear) thats probably the biggest factor in why it is so hard to Sound Like Hendrix.

as everyone says, good luck.
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looks like i gotta buy the 6300 hendrix issue marshall full stack at guitar center

/ sarcasm
Any fuzz face will get you that sort of sound. Cleanish with the guitar's volume low, and insane and all broken up with volume full.
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