I bought a Peavey XXX 40W combo. Will I be able to get good tones out of it in my house without going deaf?

Also, how well does this amp get that traditional Marshall Crunch? A good example of the exact sound I want would be the beginning to "Dead!" by My Chemial Romance. Dont flame.

Also, what about John Petrucci's tone on Train of Thought. I know he tunes down 2 steps but he has great tone.
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Oh, grats on getting the amp zeppelin.

I don't know about good tone from a XXX. I suggest you get an attenuator if you can, it'll be easier to crank, especially for 40 tubed.
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To get MCR's tone you would have to beat your guitar with dead small animal.
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On my tube amp i can get great tones without going loud at all.
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You won't get a Marshall tone from that amp, and if you want power amp OD, you'll have to have it loud.
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I can keep my 60watt tube quiet and still have good tone.

Can't see why you shouldn't be able to.
Weber mass attenuator.
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Peavey's sound pretty good at low volume.
My Valveking and my brothers 6505+ both play nicely at in house levels. I would imagine the XXX would work similarly
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The sound at low volume will be good enough to practice on.

What more do you need around the house.

You'll get good tones out of a quiet tube amp. It just won't be as good when it's cranked.

Plus, the only way to get a Marshall crunch is by actually having a Marshall.
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i have the 60w XXX combo, and I get great tone on clean and crunch/ultra at like 1-2 on the master, the volumes cranked. I dont know any MCR, so i cant help there. PM any other questions you have, or settings tips for me :-)

Have fun with it. It sounds awesome turned up some, but neighbors dont like it...
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The XXX has good preamp distortion, so it sounds alright at low levels. The sounds, though, are pretty much pure metal (the amp sounds pretty scooped) and I don't foresee you getting "Marshall" sounds out of it.
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That's the kind of question you would generally ask before you buy it.
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