I'm about to purchase a fg735s based on reviews here and based on how the fg730s felt at guitar center (they have to order me the 735s...none in stock). Can someone verify that these are the exact same guitars except guitar color, binding color and tuner color? I love the look of the 735s but have not played one and I love how the 730s feels so I want to make sure they will be one and the same sound-wise.

(Also - are they considered dreadnought or jumbo or neither and what cases will fit them?)

Thanks in advance for any help!!
I'm pretty sure they are dreadnoughts.
No idea on the other stuff though
^-- they are both standard dreadnoughts, so any regular ol' dreadnought case will work.

i can't find any specs for measurements and such on any websites for any of the yamaha FG series, so there's no way to be certain whether or not the 735 and the 730 are the exact same guitar with only the aesthetic differences, but it does appear that way. the 730 is offered in a few different finishes, but not in the vintage cherry burst that the 735 is. the 730 also doesn't have the option for gold tuners. based on the available specs, the different available options on the 730, and the price difference in the two guitars, i would say it's pretty same to assume that the two guitars are the same structurally.