I'm sure most of you have heard of this band, since this is the hardcore thread. Anyone seen them live? What do you think about them?

Personally I'm not a huge fan of the music, but their presence on stage is amazing, they have got to be having the time of their lives at every concert. I would love to play concerts like that, although I would like to play a little more of the music correctly. Anyways, just thought I would see what you guys thought.
I saw them at Sounds of the Underground and all the metal kids who were there to see Cannibal Corpse and Behometh were sitting there motionless, staring at the Chariot. It was kinda funny.

Anyway, they're decent live, a little bit below average on CD.
I've seen them twice. I didn't like them until the first time I saw them and I thought they were great, then I saw them again like a year later and they weren't as good, they had a different line-up than the first time. I can't tell if I will like their new stuff or not, I really liked their DVD though.
^ Yeah the old chariot was definitely better IMO. I hear they are gettin better though, so who knows. The dvd makes me want to go jump around in the front yard.
They actually tore my local venue apart. It was amazingly good. I thought I might actually end up in hospital. I defintely prefer them live than I do on CD, but I enjoy both a lot. Josh Scogin is an incredibly nice man too.
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saw a vid of them playing 'and then, came then' live on youtube. absolutely insane.
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The Chariot is an awesome band

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I saw them a week or so ago in MK . They were very good indeed!
Great energy about them
Mark Waddington is the funniest man alive!!!

new album doesn't have the qulity of the older stuff but still good
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just found out theyre coming with norma jean and a life once lost in 2 months. im ****in there.
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Cause if not, we'd peer pressure you till you cried.
Then we'd bro-rape you.

i saw them and from what i had heard about them I was really expecting them to be carzy (especially after I watched the DVD) but they werent as good as i had hoped they were cool but didn't live up to the hype (we did get to talk to Scogin and he said that he had two hours of sleep so that probably contributed) I liked August Burns Red a little more