Just realized that I wrote this in the wrong section (mods delete the other thread in guitar basics?)

So what kind of a les paul is this?

And if you guys can, how much it is for LISTED and how much I can SELL it for.

Also the badge says "inspected in Tennesee, USA" and "Hand-crafted in Korea"

That's a very nice finish.
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Quote by LuthierofTexas
I dont know, but the 3 bass strings are strung to the wrong side of the tuners.

Maybe if you were Jimi Hendrix, but that's right (for a righty).

Never seen an Epi Les Paul like that before.

edit: I revoke that. I see what you mean. I'm dumb.

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i dont recognize the model, but seeing as it is a bolt-on, and epiphone and gibson are nearly always set necks, unless its a low end model, id assume it isnt worth a whole hell of a lot. but hey, it looks good, so as long as someone who doesnt know crap about guitars buys it, you may be able to pass it off as a higher level guitar.
No, its not AK Man. When they pull to the opposite side like that it puts extra tension on the tuning pegs Which causes them to gum up and fail faster. The should pull from the left side instead of the right. Just observation, though. But yeah, nice finish.

EDIT: Sorry AK, saw you retracted what you said cause you saw what I meant. Strike the majority of the post. Keep what I said about damage to the tuners. Good little lesson for n00bs.
Lol don't mind the strings, I mean it doesn't really mess up the sound right?

I could never find the exact looking guitar. I don't even know what finish it is (Transparent black comes close though).

Does the badge have an input on the price?

Is it possible that the bolts on the badge make you think it's a bolt on? Cause I thought the bolts/screws were there for the badge.
Most $500 Epis are set necks. But there could also be bolt necks in that price range. But no it dont mess up the sound just the tuners.
So any estimates and how much the guitar would be worth in MINT condition. I don't plan on selling it at that price (obviously), but I would like to know myself.
That "badge" is called a neck plate.

If that's yours, keep it, it's a nice guitar. But string the thing properly, it makes you not look like a tool/newb. The D string rubbing against the A string post is also bad for the tuning and the life of the string.

The dye on the flame looks kind of blotchy, in my opinion.

BTW, are those pickup covers black? If they are, and you decide to sell the guitar, take the covers off first and keep them. Black humbucker covers are hard to come by.

EDIT: Do you, by chance, play alot of chords? The pattern of dirt on the case makes it look like your fingers are most often around the lower frets.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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^Using that the guitar is Korean made from 1998. Not too sure about what its worth though. My original estimate still stands.
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EDIT: Do you, by chance, play alot of chords? The pattern of dirt on the case makes it look like your fingers are most often around the lower frets.

Good observation, but I play a healthy mixture of both. It's just that when I don't play my guitar for a week, this is what happens. It's really weird since it is kept insid the case.

Thanks for the link deluxity, found out more about my guitar, but doesn't tell me the make :/.
seeing as it isnt a higher end Epi, your best bet, as far as selling to a store, would be about $250-$300. but hey GC told me they would give me $150 for my Epi LP and i sold it to some guy for $600.
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