Filled it out template-like, for ease

(a) What do you want to buy?

An all tube amp good enough for an outdoor (backyardish) concert setting, also like a club setting. I wont need it for indoor practice, I have a crate for that.

(b) What is your budget?

Ideally, 300-600 bucks, but if it's really worth it (like a major improvement, not just the loudness) I could go up to 800-1000.

(c) What type(s) of music do you want to play?

Metal. But, if possible..it'd be nice to be able to get a decent light distortion sound for rock, and also a decent clean sound. That's definitely tertiary though.

(d)It would be helpful to list what gear you currently have. Then we could advise you as to whether the new kit that you're contemplating purchasing would make enough of an improvement to your sound to justify its expense.

I currently have an RG1570 and a Boss Drivezone OD-20. My current amp is a Crate GLX15 practice solid state amp. I'd also like a change in pickups for a more powerful metal sound with more sustain...any suggestions on that?

(e)It would be helpful to tell us your playing ability or skill level. Some pickups and amps-eg. Dimarzio Evolution pickups- are fantastic and super clear at accentuating every note you play. This helps if you can play without mistakes (i.e. if you're good). Trouble is, if you aren't, it'll accentuate your mistakes, and make you sound worse than you are. So this will also help us advise you what to get. By the way, I couldn't think of any amps like this off-hand, but I have heard others mentioning them from time to time!

I play very cleanly as long as I stay within my bounds...so I dont think it's that much of a deal. What are these Dimarzio evolutions he speaks of?

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Metal doesn't hold hands, it gets head in the van before the show. Seriously.

Dimarzio Evolutions are pickups, obviously, most famously used in Steve Vai's JEMs (most of them).