I've been wondering what people think about this for a but...do you think anyone can do vocals in a rock band and it sound not too bad? Our band needs a singer but we can't find one so one of us may have to do it but we cant really sing, although I've heard people say anyone can if they want too...what do you guys think?
i dont think so, there are some people that can hit high note, and some people that have a real heavy voice. all peoples voices are different. so i dont think you can choose just anyone for your band.

what kind of rock is it?
Technically yes anyone can scream, but to do it effectivly enough and safe enough for musical purposes is a rare skill
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Yes, anyone can sing. It just depends if they can hit the right notes, and if their range will allow much variety. Then again, some people's voices are just plain awful, even if they can hit the right notes.

So yeah. Hell, I can sing, hit the right notes and all (with a little bit of practice)... just I'm not confident enough, and my voice is overpowered by an unplugged guitar.