Hi Everyone,
While just looking around in a pawn shop I found a mister crybaby volume/wah that was missing two screws on the bottom of the case and in desperate need of a cleaning. The guy in the store said he would take 35$ for it, but I talked him down to 20$. I figured, hey even if the it sounds scratchy it was only 20$ plus he gave me a 2 week return period. I took it home, found 2 new screws, cleaned the case and the internal mechanisms with rubbing alcohol and it looks great. Best of all, it sounds great too and there are no problems with it having a scratchy sound. I'm trying to find out when it was made. Some clues are that is only has 1 LED positioned on the right side of the front of the pedal as opposed to the current model that has 2, one on the side and one the left side of the front. Also, it lacks the knob on the side. I'm not sure what is this is for... so feel free to let me know. Also, it has a has a different kind of power adapter that i have never seen before, it looks like a head phone jack kind of. I'm not sure if they've changed the power supply in the new pedals. If anyone can shed any light on it for me please. Tomorrow i will post pictures and the information from the bottom plate.