So whattya reckon, coz i relly need to lube it up, i cleaned it and all but i cant find lemon oil any where, guitar shop, hardware store, woolworths no one has it, iv cleaned my neck and all 0000 brush and such, whatyya think about the whole oil idea?

Cheers for your comments.
What i really want to do s amke a little more lubriacted coz i can abrely slide with it, clearing off the gunk ahs helped it become a lil faster on the fretting, but yeah jsut that little bit more would be grand, also is a rosewood fretboard.
Could it be your strings or something, I've never had any trouble...
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oohh ok i though lemon oil protected it and lubricated it, my mistake, isnt fast fret silicone based, i heard silicone can do something to damage your fret board? Has anyone heard of finger ease, what does that do?
ok, well i havnt seen that any where but i saw finger ease in my local guitar shop, anyone know what that does?