I haven't written anything in a while, I'd like some criticism on my old poems and such... Throw anything at me.

Nameless... (Stanza's have no order... Can't decide)

Swallow your tongue in doubt
Throw up all your useless words
I've nothing to give or take
My mind's as blank as my stare

My love never seems to fade
And seldom my dreams come true
It all started at the kiss
I don't want nothing but you

Visions of broken bones
Dub me easy to swallow
The roach-nests of sanity
Drip flavors from the womb

My words never seem to rhyme
And seldom my thoughts aren't true
It all started at the kiss
Drugs don't have shit on you


Odd Love Poem

"Dormant Hearts"

Dormant in his heart
Is where she hath lay
Two souls intertwined
Lost through time and space

Intertwined they were
But, they've never met
Both searching for love
What a sinless debt

His last longing love
Her red crimson gaze
Would they ever meet?
Who is there to say


Heh... Second version of the first song I ever wrote...

"Kill the Baby"

If you have trouble in your life
Please don't take it out on your wife
She'll be happier, you shall see
Go take it out on the baby

Save your wife and kill the baby
Save your wife and kill the baby
Save your wife and kill the baby
Save your wife and kill the baby

The first time you kill one it's real gross
It's a game who can kill the most
Be creative cook it in a stew
Who really cares it's up to you


When your done don't throw it away
Cook it up make a fillet
It's nutritious you'll get thinner
And, wow it makes a great dinner


It's a great thing now that know
Good for when your mad at your hoe
Killing babies is the new way
Relieves stress from your shitty day


Snip-let #1

I am tortured by my teenage lust
If they had any idea they'd turn
Reject me, inject me, and demand
For the dirty thoughts to return


Snip-let #2

Their affection is built on pure lust
Spank me beat me, Oh, you must you must
My self-esteem needs to snort some coke
Vomiting is best, food makes me grow.


Presented to my dearest love on a valentine's day before "We" existed.

Snip-let #3

Dearest beloved,
My heart is yours
In any shape
In any form;
And, on this day
You need to smile
Because that would make
My day worth while


Her again... =)

Snip-let #4

Take the end in friend
and feel as I would choose
Take the why in while
and know that I need you

Take my hand in yours
and kiss my longing lips
Take my breath away
Nothing compares to this


My daddy hates me!! *slice*

I had a moment.

Snip-let #5

Like a whiny girl on her period
your mood changing on a whim
We'd better walk on eggshells
to save our one and only skin


First story poem... About... you know... Her. >_>

"Blueish Green"

I'm not near as blue, as I am green.
But, this girl, she tips me upside-down
I used to find pleasure in being mean.
Always the one I've loved to be around

I didn't even have to bend my knees
She was the first taste I ever had
Don't know how I tricked her into me
Just once was enough to get hooked real bad

Few nights after her crush confession
It was good to be her brother's friend
I knew since nine of my obsession
My girl had finally let me on in

Now there were lots of other nice times
When we cuddled up together sweet
To speak of it was an assumed crime
Started with rubbing her back, neck, and feet

I messed up bad when I told my friend
He had a big mouth, to say the least
One strike, two and it was bitter end
Did early love exist? Move on or Weep?

Went without my best friend for awhile
But, not to worry. True friends bounce back
And bounce back we did after some miles
Although, she had claimed her first heart attack

Two years went by, she locked up real tight
Couldn't get farther than friend, she was stout
Didn't know what to do to keep her bright
Built a wall around herself, signed "keep out"

Confessed my love and kicked the wall down
Guess who has realized she loves me to?
My profession is flipping her frown
Our harmony rings together in tune
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