Poll: How many guitars do you own
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86 11%
210 28%
180 24%
117 15%
73 10%
37 5%
24 3%
10 1%
1 0%
10+ (if you chose this option i'll think your lying)
21 3%
Voters: 759.
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how many? just out of curiousity
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poll coming?

anyway, i own 2 guitars.
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poll is here
Come you masters of war,
You who build the big guns
You who build all the planes
You who build all the bombs
I have my mom's old acoustic and my newer electric. My parents each have their own acoustic guitar as well.
Electric and Bass for me
Schecter Hellraiser C7 w/ BKPs
Hughes and Kettner Switchblade
Boss Noise Suppressor
Ibanez TS9
Boss Tuner
Morley Tremonti Wah

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Dean VX
Dean ZX
Ibanez 7321
Halo PT-VII 7 string
Jackson Rhoads
PRS SE Standard
Fender Stratocaster
OLP bass
Jazz bass knockoff
Ibanez Acoustic
Harmony acoustic
Fender Scorpion
Ovation SG copy

I think that's all of them.
just my crappy ashton and my epi explorer
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one, and that's all i'll need!

maybe an acoustic tho...
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SX telecaster replica
My stuff:

SX Telecaster Replica
Jade 75 watt amp
15 Watt Mega-amp, lol.
Jim Dunlop Crybaby
Digitech RP50
Just the good ol' electric and acoustic.
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i have a crappy old accoustic, an epiphone les paul std and an epiphone dot.
2 electrics
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I have 2... one is my electric and the other is accoustic. It's technically my dad's, but he's got other guitars and uses a Martin now so the Takamine is mine now.

As for all the guitars in this house...
1 electric
4 accoustic
1 classical
1 banjo guitar (if that counts)
and my girlfriend's guitar is here as well.
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4, but they're all pieces if shit.
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2 electrics, 2 acoustics
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Technically three (which I voted), but I'll say five

Fender Telecaster
Ibanez Acoustic Electric...I won't look up the actual model. Like a stream of Numbers would give you a visual of it anyway.
Hohner Acoustic
Washburn HOB Edition Acoustic
Squier Bullet.

I want a 12 string, Semi hollow electric (preferrably rickenbacker), a dobro, and a lapsteel.
i got the 2 in my sig plus a squier showmaster and the worst classical guitar on the face of the earth
Fender American heavy metal strat
Gibson goldtop les paul
Fender mexican strat
Ibanez RG 120
Fender HSS strat mexican
Alvarez Yari classical
Gibson Black ES-335
Ibanez Bass
Two electric guitars and one acoustic.
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Two basses
one acoustic
Two electric
and a new electric coming in a week
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Gibson les paul
Martin D-16 Acoustic
Alverez Acoustic/electric
Shitty beginner guitar.
2 basses, 4 acoustics, 1 electric
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1 electric, 2 acoustics
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2 so far but one ended up being thrown into a dumpster. After I smashed it.

I still cry over it *sniff*

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I didn't count these two:
Broken Classical Guitar.
Broken Encore Bass.

Encore Acoustic.
12 String Ovation Acoustic.
Yamaha SA-800.
Ibanez something or other Bass.
4, but im building another one as we speak so technically 5...
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add me

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well..6sh for me

1. fender mim strat
2. squier bullet (under construction)
3. cheap ass plywood acoustic (first guitar)
4. my mum's hippie acoustic (has loads of old school stickers all over it), and yeah she was a hippy...from what ive seen on photoes
5. a 1970 plywood fender jaguar rip off
6. an acoustic on its way (probably gonna be something like takamine or yamaha)
i own four. 2 basses ( 4 string{Cruiser by Crafter} and a 5 string {Dearmond Pilot 5}) one electric guitar and one acoustic
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technically, I only own 3, electric, acousitc, bass. But, my dad just started playing and he got a cheap crate from a friend, and bought a really cheap Ibanez. He also bough an acoustic, which broke, so he went out and bought a nice Alvarez acousitc. So, altoghether 7.
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