Poll: How many guitars do you own
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86 11%
210 28%
180 24%
117 15%
73 10%
37 5%
24 3%
10 1%
1 0%
10+ (if you chose this option i'll think your lying)
21 3%
Voters: 759.
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12 in various forms. Mainly basses, but I have 4 electrics, an acoustic, 5 basses, a mandolin and a ukulele.
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Currently 8 but I'm selling 3 of them in the near future.
I've got three, an Ibanez and two really old acoustics, i don't even know what they are lol.
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Electric and Bass for me

and me
You like it

jackson dkmg
jackson kvx10
epiphone lp special 2
starfire strat copy (the japocaster)
westfield acoustic of some sort
nameless classical acoustic

hopefully i'll be the proud owner of a fender jaguar by the end of the year
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One crappy electric Synsonics that was my first. Acoustic that I got from bestbuy (Don't judge me).

Electric '78 Yamaha Bass that's borrowed from a friend. Another one that's borrowed is an Epiphone SG.

And one more that's slightly worse than the SG. (I can't remember the name right now, my brain is fried.)
a harmony flying v.
a acoustic guitar. dont know what kind..
and a kent studio edition.

i had a working bc rich bronze mockingbird and an epiphone with a gibson plate on it...but they dont have the necks/headtsocks anymore.
i have 3 acoustics, 2 electrics and 1 bass. so six
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Fender Strat knockoff (Fender made though), Epiphone SG, Ibanez acoustic, Gibson acoustic (inherited), Unknown brand 12 string acoustic (inherited).

4. Maybe 5 in December.
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1 guitar, 1 bass guitar.

I suck at both, I only ever play my bass.
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But really, three. Epi Explorer, Strat Copy (funny how much fun that thing is to play), and a Tanglewood Acoustic.



Technically 5, but only 4 are in my possession (that's what I voted), and only 3 of those work.

I own an Epiphone Les Paul Jr. (friend has it)
some Yamaha acoustic (broken nut)
my Squier Affinity Strat
my Squier P-Bass
and my Ibanez RG370DX

Sadly, none of them are good.
*clears throat*
We (me and the old man) have amassed 12 guitars (8 electrics, 3 acoustics and an electric bass) between us, simply cause we're fussy bastards who can't make our minds up over what we want in a guitar
3, but i accidentally voted 2 =/
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I'm such a noob, I like started a few months ago.
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I'm such a noob, I like started a few months ago.

I have 1 and I started 2 years ago.

But then again I am a drummer...

I don't play guitar in my band so it's all good.


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i r haz an electric g'tar and an ac00stic g'tar.

Ibanez XPT707FX
Ibanez RG7321 (DiMarzio D-Activator 7 Pickups)

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q Wah-Wah
DigiTech Whammy WH-4
Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

Line 6 Flextone III Plus w/FBV2 Footswitch

I've got four in working order and then just a body of a guitar.
2, but I only regularly play my Ibanez s470. It does everything i want it to; i don't see the point in getting anything else until i can afford to have a custom model with smaller frets.
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Two. Acoustic and electric.

EDIT: But no amp.
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I voted four- I have an electric, a six-string acoustic, a 12-string acoustic, and my very first guitar (a laminate-top acoustic). However I've been holding onto my mom's classical for a looong time, it may as well be mine...

All I really need are the two solid top acoustics, but the other two (and the classical obviously) have high sentimental value.
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3 Electrics, i've lent my first guitar to my friend for as long as he needs since he only lives up my street and needs and electric, but it's still mine haha.
I have more, but I put down 4. That's all I want, as I'm trying to sell the rest.
I have 3 acoustics, 1 electric and im building 2 electric guitars at he moment!
I ao ave a ukelele if thats counts? lol