You will go to plenty of concerts in your lifetime, then realize they're not that exciting, and become jaded. Don't worry about it.
deftones played in mi city a few days ago, but i don't like them


sonic youth will play in february 23rd, maybe i'll be there
Concerts are cool...Its a common thing though...Its only getting better when one of your favorite bands come to town...(waitin for the next Opeth concert)
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I've never been to a concert, there would only be a select few bands that I would pay to go see. I would definatly go see Placebo if they came to New Zealand, though. No questions about it :].
They make me do push-ups in drag :[.
That's great man. I remember my first concert and it is definetly the best I have ever seen (may have something to do with the fact that it was Rush).

Anyways, how were they? I love the Deftones so I have always been curious about their live show.
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