Hey guys this is my band's new song. I'm not going to tell you much more about it because I just want the music to speak for itself.

What do you think of the song?
What do you think of the mix?
And any suggestions/tips are greatly appreciated.

Crit 4 crit...Thanks

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The song is pretty good m8!!!The crash on the intro should be turned down a bit,and on the solo the guitar should be turned up a bit too...On the verses also the drums should be a bit higher...Never the less,its really good..Keep it up!!
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That's pretty good quality recording, vocals needed to be a little louder, not a whole lot louder but just a little would make it an awesome song. Pretty interesting band name, I'd love to know the origin. But other than that, it's a fairly good song, hope you guys make it someday.
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Pretty good. I like the palm muting. But I think u could cut a couple of the WOH, Woahs out. Just add a bit of variety to the chorus. Other than that good job. Crit MIne?(sig)
Thank you, thank you.
I pulled out the vocals a little bit more, and I will get to fixing everything else later this week. We recorded all of this at home, and I mixed it in Audition. I think its pretty damn good for a home recording project, not to brag or anything. I mean the drums are just a drum machine, and all the guitars are direct recorded. I know, I know.

My bass player thinks that the vocals sound kind of annoying and too high out of range. What are your takes on the matter? Should we take the song down a few keys?

Btw, I was thinking the same thing about the "woahs" getting just a little repetitive. I already have a few ideas to fix that.
Thanks again.
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Donkeyman2341, you are my new god!
pretty good and catchy, kinda sounded like blink 182, or at least the singer did but its good keeep it up

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Yeah. The singer does kinda sound like blink182, but I like the guitar and drums. This sounds really good for a home recording, too. The song is pretty catchy and it's mixed pretty well. Maybe the solo guitar up a little and vocals too (maybe add some reverb on them, too). It sounds pretty good for the genre even though I don't know that much about that genre. It does sound like millencolin, too. Good job. Check mine out.https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
i like the voice, that's what stuck out to me above everything else in the song, he has a good catchy voice. good song.
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Very catchy.It almost sounds like it was recorded at an outdoor concert.Really feels like you have a band that would be really fun to see live even if nobody knows who you are.Fun music that really anyone could party to or whatever.
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