Has anyone tried/own it? how is it? i play metal and i dont plan on getting a Variax
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I have a PODxt, and yeah you can get some pretty good metal tones out of it (don't ask me though, I'm a bluesman really), but I think that a new amp might be a better investment.
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i own one. I used it for a while in my live setup

but i recently went to a lower gain amp and starting using more responsive amps, and with the line 6 in the effects loop or even up front really colors up my tones. I find the POD XT LIVE works best in front of a solid state amp, it acts more like a PA system if you flat out the EQ and use the POD modeling capabilities.

regardless, its a great tool, i still use it to demo and record. I actually had a chance to try it through a vintech pre amp and it sounded amazing.

it is what it is, and it does a great job at it. Its just not for me, you shoudl definitly try it out with your rig and see how you dig it.

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