i am on the verge of tears. Yesterday evening before i went to bed i was playing the guitar. when i went to ed i put the guitar on its stand and everything was fine but when i woke up i realise that it has fallen over and the neck has snapped!!! Now this isnt some cheap squier we're talking, about its a gibson ES-335. Now is is fixable and how much would it cost to fix it?

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Does it have a bolt on neck? Cause if so then it's fixable.

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Has anyone seen an ES 335 with a bolt on neck?

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it snapped around the headstock area. it isnt completely off. Its a major crack

Gibson ES-335
Peavy Classic 30
Go ask in the Gear building and customising thread, and if possible post a pic. The guys in there will help. It is definetly fixable. Dont know how much it will cost though.
Yeah it'd be a good idea to post a pic of the guitar so people can see how badly damaged it is so they can give some more helpful advice.

Man, that sucks dude =\
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even a set neck can be repaired- it's just a lot bigger of a pain because they need to remove the glue and all.

I would guess you're going to need to get the neck replaced and that that part is beyond repair, which could be really expensive; the entire guitar might be effectively "totaled" and just cheaper to replace it.

i'm sorry, dude.
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Wow, thats sucks pretty bad. Thats why I am always scared of putting my guitar on a stand for an extended period of time. My advice is to duct tape it. A little duct tape fixes anything.
My guitar fell of my stand today but fortunately the fall didn't do any damage to it. Not that it really matters, seeing as my guitar is a piece of shit anyway.

I'm sorry to hear about your guitar, I think I'd be on the verge of tears as well.
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My friend had a bettencourt(sp) washburn and the neck snapped at the headstock. He took it to a luthier and he fixed it. It was scarred but fixed. But a ES-355 has painted neck ( unless it's natural finish) so that should be cool too
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Damn, man, that sucks. I know that this happens to the headstocks of a lot of Les Pauls though (due to the angled headstock) and they're often glued back together. Use a case to store a guitar if you won't be playing it within the next couple of hours.
Ouch. My freinds BC rich snapped clean off at the headstock and first fret. How did he repair it?, about 3 rolls of extremely tight rapped selotape. I have to find a picture of it, its hilarious, but it still plays fine haha.

It is possible to glue it back together as Epoxy resin is just as strong as the original wood grain. Just make sure you go round and pick up any tiny splinters of wood that fell off.

You can do it youre self, but if you carfully seperate the two halves, and paint the inside of every surface of wood with epoxy, then push it back together and clamp it shut, and DO NOT touch it for at least a week, you might find you're 335 will be happy once more.
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