i just bought a sansamp gt2 and i was wondering wats best for heavy distortion. here r the settings i can choose:

amp: california, british, and tweed

mod: hot, high gain, and clean

mic: off x, center, classic
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There are only 27 possible combinations. You can't compare them yourself and actually figure out which ones YOU like the best? Sorry to be a jackass, but...Wait. No. This thread deserves it.
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id prob go for the high gain setting, it really depends wat ur in to
British high gain.

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first of all. nice pedal. i have one and its the best there is..

for a heavy dist, always use british.
for the mod, either of the two, hot and high gain.
mic, either off x or center.
then tweak.

for my lead tone, i use british, hot and center.
hi: 2oclock low:4oclock drive:2oclock

but if your still not satisfied, go here

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i never use the mesa setting, the mids are too scooped out

btw my sansamp gt2 is the version 1 model with the LED at the side, it has less gain but a tighter overall sound. I kinda use 90% gain from the pedal and 10% overdrive from my amp (old peavey rage ) to achieve a slightly grainy sounding heavy distortion
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