Anyone going to this new festival? Tickets went on sale about 5 minutes ago, and I just got my Saturday ones - The Who are headlining!
The rest of the bands aren't down my street to say the least, The Coral, Zutons, Keane, The View, but for £42.50 I'll be happy just to see The Who.

It's a non-camping festival on the same weekend as Glastonbury though so it ain't gona be the most popular fest this summer methinks lol but still.

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Knowsley as in Merseyside? Huyton, Whiston etc.?
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im gona try and get tickets, il get my dad to buy me them, i was mena see them at liverpool pops but they sold out after 28 minutes so i didnt get them i well want to see them
wow i didnt know the who where headlining thats right on my doorstep to
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