Alright, so I've always known the pentatonic scales and the major/relative minor scales, but as idiotic as I am I never put em together, so last week a buddy of mine helped me put it together during a jam session when we went for improv rather than picking and playing songs.

So anyway, obviously i couldn't do any shapes beyond the 2 major/minor shapes that I knew so I had to draw out the pentatonic shapes and learn the rest.

^that's my uhm 'study guide' if the post wasn't clear. Anyway, I've just been playing over random songs like coldplay/oasis etc. just to get the hang of the combined scale, it's been making sense so far, but I just read up a little on chord theory (which i also lacked, ugh) and I discovered the varying nature of progressions

my issue is this;

Say i'm playing song A and song B, both are in Eb minor, but the chord progressions vary between them. Should I be using the same scale (in Eb minor) for soloing over them? that's what i've been doing, and its been working so far. I usually gravitate around the root note of each song and play the same combined major/minor/pentatonic scale shown up there. I realize these scales will need some changing around when i'm playing harmonic/melodic minor, but as for now, just considering major/minor and in relation to chord progressions, am I doing this right? just asking. I've checked a few places like cyberfret, ibreathemusic etc. and i couldn't seem to find anything that clarifies this, or maybe i'm not even doing it right, which is what i'm worried about. thanks a lot.
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Yup, that's the way I do it anyway (not that I'm a pro or anything). It's a cliché but if it sounds right -> you're doing it right