i got around S$400(around US$200) for a guitar and an amp. likes rock music eg. green day, my chemical romance. pls giv some suggestions. thanks.
epiphone les paul?
schecter damien 6?

iam from the UK so iam not familiar with prices, i have a schecter damien 6 and it is awesome.
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This is the smartest question ever posted in the pit. I commend you.

I asked about theory of reality and this is what someone said to me!
US $200, i live in the UK and that coime out to like £130 or so. I dont think your gona get much for that at all..........best bet it so look for cheap starter packs that have an amp and guitar in them or save up money and get something decent.
^ agreeed with both comments, you havnt got enough money to actually have much choice, your best bet would be to get a simple guitar starter pack (can you play already or not?) maybe a Yamaha Pacifica 112 (i think thats the better one)...urm...yeh.
My advice..

Save some more money and buy somting good.. Not those lame beginners pack's, with crappy guitars & amps..

Buy something like an Epi LP, and a VOX pathfinder

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Correction, since all of u are from the uk, i have around 200pounds to spend. There is a second-hand shop that offered me a second hand lp std for around S$200, which i think is less than 100pounds. The switch was broken, but the shopkeeper said he would replace it at no charge. Would the guitar still be faulty if the switch has been replaced?
US$200 = 102.864 GBP

AUS$200 = 79.9670 GBP

CAN$200 = 88.0239 GBP

You = Pwnd

But yes, second hand you could get quite a good deal if your v. lucky.

And of course, guitars are cheaper elsewhere than in the UK (not including the excahnge rate)