I was just wondering if it is possible to put a pick guard on a flat top Les Paul copy

I have a black Samick Greg Bennett Les Paul copy guitar

here's a pic of it...
If the top is flat, I don't see why not

EDIT: sorry, do you mean a LP style pickguard/scratchplate?
Oh yeah i forgot to tell you dat duh....

Yep a LP pick guard
also would you think it will fit because of the knobs are in the way?
You'd struggle as the body isn't as wide so there wouldnt be enough room between the pickup and the edge. Plus it would have to go on top of the knobs.
you might run into a problem with where that knob is located on your guitar.

A les paul pickguard starts and ends at each pickup, so the knob would wind up directly underneath it,

youd have to really modify it or make it shorter or get rid of that knob. If you just buy a les paul pickguard and try to throw it on, it probably wont work out as easily or look as good.

i say just keep it as is

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thanks guy i think i should leave it as it is

prolly just change the pickups
buy a left hand guitar pickguard! :P

...or you could just cut part of the pickguard off but that may look ugly...
i dunno... well a pickguard with a hugeass bit cut away, ugly, no? hehe...

left handed- be different =]