i need a reasonable priced pickup to go into this squire strat im making, i was gonna buy a handwired pickguard off guitar fetish, but its 135$ and then there are some pickups that are +10 +20 and like +25 $'s, is it really worth it, i dont know to much about pickups, ive never changed them or anything like that =/ could some1 tell me what might be the best pickup set to go with or something http://store.guitarfetish.com/gfsusacushha.html any help for the noob would be appreciated
the more expencive the parts the better they r.. simple
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Not necessarily. First you need to figure out what kind of sound you want. Then maybe play some guitars with different pickups until you find one you like. Then get that one. There's no point buying a pickup you don't like the sound of, no matter how cheap or expensive it is.

Just do some research and then by that time you should have saved some money to get whatever pickup you decide on.
arg! im in school right now and have been looking forward all day to see what my thread said, but at least some people responded, lets see i play i play all kinds of music, main type i would have to say is either like punk, grunge, stuff like that i also play alot of alternative stuff to, i dont play like death metal, or any metal, but i would like pickups that sound good on high gain playing but sounds good on crunch, so i would place the order of sound/tone like this

1-sounds awesome on crunch
2-decent with gain
3-sounds ok on clean (i have an electric acoustic so clean doesnt really matter to much to me)

hope that clears something up, but like i said, i would like the pickups to be on the guitar fetish prewired pickguards, just because i dont know how to install them myslef
Go with the Lil' Killers, I guess. They're single sized humbuckers.
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i dont know, but thanks, im still considering what to do, but im gonna do some research befor i go buy anything