hey guys
i think this is the right place for this to go, if not, can u plz help re direct me, lol

selling all my old games consoles for offers, as i no longer use them, i have a:
Playstation 1 with 4controllers, memory card, loadz of games, 2 guns
sega saturn with 2 controllers, 3 games, cd drive on top
Sega Dreamcast , 2 controllers, 2 extension wires for controllers, loadz of games
Atari jaguar, all the leads 1 controller, but the games i did have for it, i already sold, so would be good if you already have games or need it for spares

all the consoles work fine, pm if u have any questions,

when it says gear im pretty sure its referring to guitar gear & accessories this might have been better in the pit or something..lol
yh, but if u look in the rules section, someone asked that question about selling non gear stuff, and it is apparently acceptable
What games do you have for the playstation? Do you have final fantasy 9?
PM sent.
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