Hi people, I was wondering if any one could help me with the chords for this 'Monk' theme song. I got the first three chords Cm D7 and G7 but im stuck there. Anyone help me with the rest
Thanks in advanced.
hahaha Randy Newman....fat man walking with his kids and dog...god i love family guy...back on topic a link to the song would have been nice...when u hover your mouse over the chords doesnt it sho u how to play them anyway?
_-Skeletor-_: Sorry I dont think I made myself clear.
I Don't have a link to the song, I can find any tabs ect, thats why Im making the request. I know how to play the 1st 3 chords, but I cant work out what the other chords in the song are as I dont have the music.
I hope that makes it clearer, thanks for the reply though.