Okay, so I want to make my own backing tracks to start some improvising but I want to have a good firm base of some chord/scale relationships first...
What chords are best for using the old Am Pentatonic, or Major Pentatonic for that matter.

I know you can play a major scale over pretty much anything, but if you can tell me some chords that mix specifically to a scale please share it - the only chord theory I know is how to build some and that's basically it, so if someone wants to add more that's fine with me.

Any guidelines are appreciated, I know shit all.
*shrugs* I don't know...
I'm not sure I understand the question.

Am chord is clearly going to go with the Am pentatonic and AMajor chord is going to go with A major pentatonic...
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Id suggest learning how to build chords from scales. There is a good lesson on this site but I dont have the time to look it up right now.

Basically what you want to do is take the A minor scale (or maj) and take the notes from this scale to build chords. Am is


For simplicities sake we will start by making an Am chord(1, 3, 5) from the A, C and E. You use this same process to make all different kinds of chords like the Am7(1, 3, 5, 7) would be A, C, E and G. Just a C(1,3,5) would be C, E and G. After you work out a nice harmony you would then play an Am scale over top of this or if you want an Am Pentatonic. You could even get real crazy and play the relative major Cmaj scale over top of it since it has the same notes. But thats another lesson for another time
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^^^ thanks, thats really helpful.

could you PM me with that good lesson if you find it>
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^^^ thanks, thats really helpful.

could you PM me with that good lesson if you find it>
Or he could post it here so everyone can easily find it.
See, I know to make scales and such although the Am to me is simply A Aoelian, I learnt them the modes way...

...Anyway, I know how to build chords I just keep hearing about these relations with scales, that you know, special chords (ad2/sus2 etc.) that have a certain sound, whether it's like tension or peaceful, tend to go over a certain scale well... I can't really explain it any clearer so thanks for trying to help
*shrugs* I don't know...