I know that you can play a guitar through bass speakers and not hurt them but i was wondering if a bass head rated at 4 ohms would hurt guitar speakers rated at 8 ohms. ihave no idea what ohms means people have tried explain it to me but i still cant seem to grasp it
It will beat the crap out of the speakers, since the frequencies arn't suited to guitar. Aside from soundng like ass.
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yer.. ohms is the amount of residence
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Don't know what is was exactly.. but something like.. when you play at a to high volume level you can realy mess up your pre-amp.. of course, when the impedance is 4 ohm on your speakers and 8 ohm's on your amp (or was it the other way arround? )

Don't know for sure.. it was something like that

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Yeah, you can do it, but I wouldn't recommend you do.

you cant do it. the ohms are a mismatch and the speakers cant handle it.

so if u tried. u could fry the amp head (mismatch) and blow the speakers all at the same time.

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