Hi all,

Been looking into getting a 65 twin reverb, but after thinking
about it, it will probably be too much. I play in church and so
i`ve been thinkin about the 65 Deluxe reverb ( 1x15). We play
lots of alternative, rock, caribbean music, etcetc so it has to be very
versatile. I want an amp with nice cleans, I get my overdrives from my
Rat and FD2. Ive played the twin and sounds nice, Prob is that I live in Curacao
( in the caribbean ) and its not like I can just go to the store and try one out.
I need to order it tomo so if you guys could answer me soon would be awsome.
My question is what the biggest differences are between the two?

I don't know about the difference between them but I think it will be great and together with that Rat pedal(if it's a distortion) it will be the best match for a fender I think.
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The Twin is 85W, the Deluxe is 22W. I understand you want less power, but that's a lot less. The Deluxe is a beautiful amp, but if you need to crank it with a band, you might be getting more natural overdrive out of the thing than you were looking for.

Fender's the right choice for cleans, but maybe a Blues Deluxe or a Vibrolux at 40W would be a better intermediate choice for you.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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I have a twin, and although it can get loud, it doesn't sound bad when its turned down.

I'd go for it.