hi guys.... tomrrow me and my band have our first gig .... (the prize is 3000 NIS!!!!)
so i wonderd if any of you can guve some usefull tips cause i'm a bit affraid!
nerves...don't let them get to you. Also make sure you can hear all the instruments and voice and that no one is playing louder than anyone else
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Dont rush, for the love of god dont rush. Take your time setting up. make sure your all good to go, then play your songs at the speed you would in practice.

I speak from a gig this weekend where my band flew to fast through our 1st 3 songs, and it put a downer on the whole gig.

Other then that- just avoid cliches and try not to be motionless

Good luck dude
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I got my first show coming up in March
I think if you practiced enough (which all bands should) before the show, you'll be fine
just make sure there is a lot of energy on stage
there is more to a live performance than playing music
the crowd wants to feel excited and jump around
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dont look at the crowd

Wrong, look at the crowd. This is vital.
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Better yet, have some friends in the crowd try glancing at them. It might ease the situation a bit.
if you do a cover, and you see someone in the crowd who seems really into the song (this is for the singer lol) put them up to the mic and get them to sing a line or something- when my mates band covered dying in your arms i sang a line and it was great, eeryone went mad- and show ENERGY
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