Hi im 19, and im looking for a mostly trash metal band in the Houston, Tx Area.

Main influences are :

Led Zeppelin
Rage Against The Machine
Alice In Chains

Thanks, please pm me if anyone is interested.
well im from houston how long u been playing? my influences are pantera, lamb of god, children of bodom, trivium all that stuff how long u been playing got any videos or stuff?
from k town here(west of downtown by 28 miles/30 mins or so) im so so metal oriented but more with more virtuoso stuff
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hey man, im a student of rusty cooleys, and im looking to start a thrash/prog band like trivium meets nevermore
ive been playing for a while now and am pretty accomplished theory and lead guitar. pm me if you are interested. btw, im in spring/the woodlands/ tomball area
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Well HELL.

I didn't respond in a while basicly because I did found a band.

I left that band...Simply because I just realized I want something in the middle of various genres....

Metal [Kinda...=/]

Still if anyone's interested please pm me...serious inquiries please, as I posted an ad on www.houstonbands.net and a lot of people replied...but they didn't know **** about guitar or making a band from scratch for that matter.