im mostly alright with them, altho my pointin finger doesnt seem to fret the G string, it just mutes it i dont know what the problem is, all the other strings play just fine, and there's nothin wrong with the guitar either, it just doesnt seem to play
It happens to me a lot as well, I find only on the lower frets (anything below 2), I find if I change the way I am holding the guitar slightly I can make it sound, just poay with the positioning of the guitar (not a lot) and maybe what part of your finger touches where on the fret board as well
Make sure your thumb is firmly in place at the back of the guitar. Also when barring, use the edge of your finger as opposed to using it flat. The edge is harder and holds down the strings easier.
meh, thanks for the help guys, but it still dont work :/

but then again, practice makes perfect
don't hold your guitar against your chest, keep it away from your body, for some reason that always helps me.

another thing i do to strenthen my hand is to slip a pen or marker imbetween the strings and the fret, and make myself bar against that.
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Make sure your fingers are angled as straight as possible against the fretboard. If your fingers are angled, it requires more pressure to fret the note.
Might help if you initially use the classical position as you're getting barres down - it positions your hand a little better until you get your strength down, etc.