If you can imagine heaven, where all the best guitarists, bassists, drummers etc who have passed away are, what would be your ideal band in that heaven?

Mine personally would be:

Vocals/Piano: Freddy Mercury
Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Rhythm Guitar: George Harrison
Drums: Keith Moon
Bass: John Entwistle

Here are some more examples:

John Lennon, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Dimebag Darrel, Marc Bolan, Chet Atkins, Nick Drake, Kurt Cobain,

Phill Lynott, John Entwistle, Sid Vicious.

Keith Moon.

Freddy Mercury, James Brown, Elvis Presley.
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Been done thousands of times.

The best artists would have to be ones that can use the search button though.

Cozy Powell was one of THE best drummers ever IMO.
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^ The search button is overrated. Long live new threads. And also long live the one who gets the sand out of Mr." I cry every time someone makes the same thread as someone did 2 years ago" 's Vagina. And My band would be like this.

Vocals: Tim Armstrong
Lead: El Hefe
Rythm: Eric Melvin
Bass: Matt Freeman
Drum: Erik Sandin