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no, i only play one insturment
10 21%
multi-instrumentalist right here bitch
37 79%
Voters: 47.
how many of you guys play drums and guitar and some other instruments? i play mainly guitar and bass, but i also play drums and am trying to learn piano cuz piano is sexy
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I've been wanting to take up other stringed instruments for a while, but i just can't seem to find banjo music anywhere
only guitar at the moment, but I'm planning to learn the piano too
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Guitar Bass Mandolin & Drums & some keys/synth.
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Is there any black people on UG?
I don't think a lot of black people play guitar anymore.

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they all kinda went extinct after hendrix really.

Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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Appart from being on UG or wanking, thats what i mostly do
i played drums my whole life but now im dedicated to guitar only, got a 10 piece kit just sitting getting dusty
ibanez rocks
Guitar, Drums, Bass, Some piano, trumpet, horn (I was in the marchin band in school, about 10 years ago ) and with all this, good music theory knowledge, which has come in handy many times.
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Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums (not brilliantly though) and turntables
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been playin guitar for about 2 years, but my main instrument is keyboard which ive played for about 10 years
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i play a magical instrument, it is called -



HAHAHA that was actually funny.

...but, really. Don't be a dick.

Yeah, I'm a vocalist/guitarist/bassist.

Every time I play drums, someone goes deaf.

That's how much I suck at drums.