hey everybody, been messing around with some riffs for a few days n i sat down n wrote this over the course of that time. Almost have enough songs for the band to warrant recording a demo now
Anyway heres the newest song, quite thrashy imo, cheers for any comments, criticisms, deathwishes etc. in advance

Ashes To Ashes.zip
Man, that was an awesome song. Some really really nice riffs in there. That first breakdown is SICK, and the second one is pretty sweet too. I didn't really like the "fast bit" riff, because it was the only riff that seemed really generic as opposed to the pretty unique riffs that you wrote. I also thought the solo left something to be desired. All in all, some really really nice riffs, sick breakdowns, but there are a few things u could change. Nice though. 9/10. Crit Mine? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=524060
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I'm diggin' on some of these riffs, really good stuff, but man, one piece of advice just to save me 2 seconds, stop using Overdriven Guitars in GP, they sound like crap, use the Distorted Guitar setting. PLEASE. lol.

Onto the song though, I like it. It's more hardcore than it is Thrash, but I can dig on it because it's very thrash influenced, especially at the parts where the drums really pick up. Needs some wicked soloing IMHO. OH There it is. Nevermind. Nice breakdown though.

I'll give you a 9/10

Crit mine mate?

NOTE: I will crit your songs back, I'm Dial up, be patient.