What are some of your wierdest/funniest dreams? By wierdest, I mean those that make absolutely no sense.

Last night I had the most epic/wierd dream, though I dont really remember the first half. The second half was something like this:

I was in my grandmas house all of a sudden, and my cousins were there. The light was kinda dim, kinda like right before the sun comes up. My cousins mom was passing by and as she did she poked my stomach, which flexed as a reaction to reveal rock hard abs. She then tsk tsked and said I needed to lose weight. Then I was eating cereal with my cousins, when all of a sudden we were on a big ski slope. My cousins had just learned to snowboard that day, but were already better than me (ive been doing it for like 2 years). They were going off bigass jumps and down really steep slopes. Then they started pointing out to me a guy and girl who were in my class who were both snowboarding. Then I went into this big cave thing at the top of the mountain and found a gigantic puppet that wanted to take over the world. The puppet then transformed into a woman, one of those ultra hot villain women with the tight red and black leather suits. The only way I could save the world apparently was to eat her out, so I went into third person view and watched my self do that (with her clothes still on lol). She was rendered useless, and the earth was saved.

Share your stories.
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Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

one time i was chased by a thrash van, think its called so (a van that gets garbage,)
anyhow, i was chased by it in my grandmas apartment..it was going to eat me so i hide under the bed ... and i dont know how but in some way a washing machine is included also :P
i had one of those falling dreams.woke up got out of bed and went straight through the ground and had another falling sensation.it turned out a i wasnt awake at all