right my vintage strat broke a few days ago and i asked my dad to have a look (hes not a guiartist but used to be an electrician) he soldered some wiring and it still didnt work

i now have one wire coming from my pickups and controls etc. to my input jack
take a look at the pics and tell me what needs doing
if you could upload them on paint and draw where the wire needs to be that would be sooo helpful

also if anyone wants more pics just say and sorry about the bad quality
on the output jack my guitar only had one lead coming from it and it went to both the tip and sleeve
ground to center lug...

if you have one on each in the correct spot and it doesnt work then the other end of the wire isnt attached to the pot.

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ok and im using my phone as i cant find my camera lead i will have a good search for it now though
thanks guys i see what i need to do now
i need to strip the wire to the output more and i then solder the inner wire to the tip i think
if i have any problems ill post again
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