Im thinking about buying my own amp and am looking for something for something very versatile and not too expensive when I saw the Flextone III. I know that Line 6 especially the Spider series are supposed to be crap but what about the Flextone III. Does anyone have anyone have any experience with this amp and can you tell me how good it is. Thanks
dunno but ive heard good things about line 6 spiders especially 3 they sound great for metal!

edit: check harmony central
the flextone is pretty good, but at that price you can start looking at used tube amps. Depends on what you are going for. you should go to a shop and try one.
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i really love the laney LC30 but its a real shame i dont have that much money. that is one helluva amp
I usually despise anything line 6. However, I decided that I would give the spider III and fair chance and....well...I didnt hate it. Would I own one? No. And in most cases I wouldn't recomend one to anyone. I am going to say look around and play a bunch of tube amps and see if you find one that you fall in love with...(No MG, and no AVT)after that, if you still wanna go for a flextone...try out the spider III. AND DONT....say "hey I'll just save a few bucks and get a II." Spider II blows more ass than should be allowed in public. I personally thought that the flextone sounded like crap as well. Look around as much as you can....and remember, the stuff that is hardest to find is usually the best.
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Look at my gear - I own it and a couple of other high-priced tube amps. The Flextone gives them a good run for their money.
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