Quote by Cocasarli
we are from argentina
we play metal metalcore and death metal
if you want to add us as a friend just send me an email to cocofuhgawz@hotmail.com

i hope you like us!

you guys are pretty good
kurt cobain is rockin in the after life

fender stratocaster

fender 15 wat

hahahahaha i dont believe in religion at all but still wtf worshiping satan i mean i could see him as a bar buddy but a master
You remind me a bit 'bout Six Feet Under.. However your lead guitar add makes it alot more interesting. I like some parts of your songs alot, while others not as much.. That's all by preference of course, but what I mean is that in one of your songs, you cover different genres, and therefore, it may be hard to attract one special type of listener, as they may stop listening 'cause of the other genre. Don't know if you're getting what I mean :P Anyway, keep at it, as it's a real sturdy ground to build on.

Oh, and if you will, check us out too; https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=524771
It's not my style (obviously just preference) but it sounds good musically, the only part that needs some (SERIOUS) work is the vocals/lyrics, they make the band seem really unintelligent and throws off the melody