an old bass ive got need a thing icant remeber the name of it but it its the plastic thing at the tp of the neck that guides the strings to the machine heads and i was wondering how much it would cost to replace any ideas (£
Its called a Nut
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Nut replacement can run between 60 - 70 USD, if there are no other problems with the neck.
Plastic nuts are much cheaper, but aren't very good. Good nuts are made of bone, graphite, and sometimes TusQ.
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depends on the material, i recommend if your replacing one, and in particular if it was plastic, you buy a bone nut, there are a variety of materials available to use as well. If there is no neck damage, and appears to be straightforward, you could have a go yourself, or get some1 else do it, but it aint a big job so keep your wits about ya, when i broke mine i was quoted about £15. so just keep it in mind.
Kinda. The hardest part is getting the nut out of the slot without damaging anything. But besides that you can just superglue it in.

And if you wana do it yourself, get a pre-file-d nut that matches the width of the end of your neck EXACTLY!
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this just happened to my bass, the part of the nut that holds the E string got worn down somehow and it was almost impossbile for me to play right.good due to the string kept popping out i'm pretty mad, but i brought it down to my local music shop and thy got a guy who can replace the nut so it's cool