I love it! Minus those occasional pig squeals.
It sounds very similar to Assuck and Phobia.
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our rythym guitarist made up the best rap ever. makes fun of the "milkshake song"

my breakdowns bring all the crews to the pit
and theyre like, "lets dance to this ****!"
damn right, we dance to this ****
I 2 step, windmill and spinkick.
Craigo is awsome, yeah he doesn't pull off the pig squeels to well but they make up for it by being insanely tight.
Mega Sweet Ass stuff.

Their new split was free to all fans, you just had to message your address to the guys. How nice of them I thought.

I'm willing to send people the split as soon as I get it.
i do like this, all though the vocals, aren't my type, too much. I would enjoy it if he pulled off better pig squeels (like Deadx said), but hey, not everyone's perfect, and at least he tried. Other than the vocal situation, in some parts, i'd say i enjoy it very much
Haha nice. Good find. Pretty original riffing style.

edit: hahahaha the interlude in the first song kicks ass.
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"We hate bring me the horizon and fashion metal and we are fat."

This band is sweet.
there is no fear in this heart.

How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

Once you get past the pig squeals this is damn good music
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I love you, Killer Bacon.
lol, this is pretty fresh. it's gonna take me a couple more listens to be able to tell if I really like it though...hmm...good stuff none the less.