How long did it take you guys to develop your ability to tab a song just from hearing it? I have been playing for about half a year and i usually always have to look up the tabs/chords. I have only been able to tab one song from ear - Led Zeppelins Tangerine. Not the hardest song i know, so how long did it take for you guys?!
i was able to play stuff by ear as soon as i picked up a guitar, but that was only because i had a decent amount of experience with keyboard ... i don't tab alot of stuff but when i do i usually play it on keyboard first and have it in the 8 note scale and then transfer it to tab ... which is a huge pain
Played for 'bout three years, and I'm getting there.. Recently started a new band (check out my sig, please :P), and there were nearly no written tabs done, so I tried getting them by ear, and it really was easier than I thought. So yeah, I'd say I can pick stuff now, after 3-4 years, without any special ear-training.
Your ear really is important in developing this ability. Also, a solid understanding of chord structures and intervals is pretty important. Depending on the complexity of the song it can take me anywhere from ten minutes to a week to figure it out, but the more music theory I learn, the faster the process goes.
i just started tabbing out my own songs, simple stuff i guess but i like tabbing out Talking Headas and Minutemen stuff and their bassists are very good. but i'm still a noob...i guess