I can't really decide on these two...
I'm stuck between these...

which would suit me better for mostly Shredding, Thrash Metal and Fusion?

I'm having second thoughts about the S because of the extra 24 frets...
but being backed down by the Lo-TRS trem vs the ZR-Trem realiability...
and oh I'm prolly going to order it online here...
and also the RG470 will be a bit more cheaper than the S470...

so what are your suggestions guys?
(and also I'm open for some other brands
just that it's more of a superstrat style body)

I played an ibanez s520Ex and it was an absolute godsend for metal... it's only got 22 frets but the ZR trem is amaizing and the pickups are really good for stock. It means that you won't need to immeadiatly go out and buy emgs because theyre almost as good.
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well that's good cause if I buy either of the two...
I won't have anything left for a change of pups and possibly DiMarzio ones...

EDIT: to Open Fire
Well it depends which trem. The edge pro is just as good as a FR.(Not the II and III they suck). Not too entirely sure about lo-edge... tried one yesterday, was alright. But trem wise ZR is the better of the two.
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sorry for the un intentional bump but...
what about the trem on the RG470?
is it good?
comparable to an Edge, Edge Pro, Flyod Rose II?

EDIT: I'll be buying the RG470 as NOS or New Old Stock I guess...


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Gotta be the S, i have a 470, great neck, alright p'ups, brilliant trem. I don't really find that the RG body is all that comfy, but that comes down to preference and how you like guitars to feel.

sorry for the late reply...

but some say the pull up on the ZR-Trem is not much compared to other
Floyd Rose trems is this true? or can I still make those horsie noise like Steve Vai
and space noises like Joe Satriani?
alright so now I'm more confused
because of the RG450LTD...

is the RG450 supposed to be more expensive than the RG470 or not?
i got an rga121, its hard tail but still sex in a wooden pagedge ^^
ibanez rga121 ntf prestige
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that one looks good but out of my price range and doesn't come with a trem...
I really dig a trem though...

and my price range is about 400 - 500USD if stretched maybe 600USD
if u get an rg u could easily get an rg570/550 for that price, dont bother with the 470s they have shite trems!
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alright then I'm going to look out for some RG550/RG570's around here
but the problem is they are the ones that are rare here...

and I can't go ebay or craiglist...
IMO I think the RG is a better bet; however if you cannot find a RG with a good trem just stick with the S. The ZR trem is very reliable and smooth. It is also an incredibly versatile guitar so there's no worries there.

You could always keep saving up cash for a proper RG

is the RG1550A more better than the RG470/RG570?
cause that's the closest I can go up...

or if not then I'd prolly be with the S but what about the pull up capacity of the S?
can it do those horsie sounds like Steve Vai?
^Do you have a link? I'd assume an RG1550A (not sure what the A is) is much better because RG1550 has an Edge trem I think.

they don't have the specs on where I'll be buying but here's the linkie:

just put on the products Ibanez and find the 1550A if the price is good...

EDIT: I've searched and this one came about...

Linkie: http://www.guitartrader.com/itempg.icl?dirpage=dir2&itmid=42028

although it's not where I'm going to buy it...
it's basically the same...
so I should just save up for that one right?
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The rg1550 is the same as an rg550 except it has a prestige neck and an edge pro tremolo (still ace btw) not sure what the a denotes but its a good guitar for sure.
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so what do you think?

the price on here is around 36k or in 650USD...
that should be worth is it?
Quote by ScottishAngus
The rg1550 is the same as an rg550 except it has a prestige neck and an edge pro tremolo (still ace btw) not sure what the a denotes but its a good guitar for sure.

If it is, damnit go for it. Here's an example of an Ibanez RG1550.


Except that has a LoPro trem. I'm just worried about that A, it could mean bad things :P

Alright then...
I'm off to save for the RG1550A...
but still I'll research for that single letter A in the end...

thanks for the help!

alright I've found out what the A means... (sorta)

I think it's a variant of the RG1550...

it doesn't come with black color but replaced with mirage blue and mirage red

doesn't have maple fret board but rosewood (I think)

here's the linkie: http://electro.govtr.com/view_product.php?product=149

I don't personaly understand the language but...
it says there the other things in English...