I duno whether this is meant to be posted in here but al give it a shot.
at the moment i have an Ibanez S470 it has an okay trem on it and gives me a nice whammy to play around with
I think theres a problem though, when i do get a nice harmonic maybe NH 3rd fret of G and pull up on the whammy bar it just fades out really quick and sounds horrible.
but what i'm aiming for is that
really really high pitched sound that dimebag was able to make with his,
was that something to do with model of his trem or can it be done on most floating trem guitars?
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I have the same guitar and problem, I think I am being subconsciously careful with my bar and maybe you are doing the same. You really do need to dive it and yank it hard. Do the dive before you touch the harmonic. The 5th always sounds great with mine but the 3rd = pain in the arse.
I use the 3rd fret harmonic usually. Oh and by the way, your trem isn't "okay", its one of the best trems out there, even rivaling the OFR itself. My advice, get some good gain and do a dive bomb and when you are at the bottom of the dive, hammer-on and pull-off of the 2nd fret of the G string and lightly touch your finger just past the 3rd fret. If done right, then when you bring the bar back up, you will hear a high-pitched harmonic.
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try aritficail harmonics???????

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