Hey guys, The question i had was this. In the ride the lightning solo their is a part that goes:


My question is, on the guitar pro version which is almost 100% correct it doesnt show the pull offs it just has them playing 17 and 14. But on many of the tabs it shows 17 pull off to 14. Do you pull off for these parts? or just play the notes individually?

I hope my question is understandable!!
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umm i dunno, whichever you find easiest as long as it sound similar.
Work on both methods i reckon?
You don't have to play it exacly like Hammett, like stated above, use both technique to see which is easier or fit better for YOU. If is sound good to you, then that's the way you have to play it.
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Well first of all, you cant always rely on the tabbers. Many of them, like me, will most likely not add hammer ons and pull offs to every single note that needs them. Play it in your own way, which ever is most comfortable to you.
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I play it using strict alternate picking.
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