I bought the Yamaha MW12 Mixing studio and for some reason I can record, but won't get any playback sound unless I save my project, then unplug the USB, then reopen the file. That's the only way I can get playback sound.

I need help!
I still can't get playback sound unless I unplug the USB. Help would be greatly appreciated.

The only thing I assume it is, is my Creative soundcard I bought a while back; I can't switch the output to line out, there's only Aux, line in, microphone, MIDI port and a few others. The output is automatically set to USB codec when I connect the mixer, but my soundcard doesn't have that output, so if that is it, is there something I can do or buy to make my Creative soundcard have a USB output?
It will not play through your computer speakers because they aren't connected to the recording unit Plug some headphones into that little hole that says "headphones" on the top of the unit. Either that or you need to buy some studio monitoring speakers and plug them into the back of the unit if you don't want headphones. I recommed headphones however because that way you can hear everything note for note.

The reason you can hear it after you save it to the computer is because the file is then on the computer's hard drive. If you want to hear stuff as you play it or listen while it is on the machine, do what I said above. Good luck man. I know how frustrating this shyt can be.
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