Okay, my friend whom im starting a band with is learning to play the bass so that he can join us (We wanted to start a "school-band", and he is the worst guitarist by far, but he still wanted to join, so we said he should learn the bass).

Anyways, he's a complete newbie, and his budget is 300 bucks at the most. Which bass should he get? We would be playing music like funky rock, hard rock and metal.

What should he get?

Edit: Also, what would be a good practise amp? We have bigger amps at the practise locales and at the local teen club where we would do most of the gigging at the start, so he doesn't need anything big. Anything that'd be as cheap as possible really. But not total crap... I'd say a budget anywhere in the vincinty of 100-150 bucks.
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also sigh. fast_bear said it all really, but if he really feels he has to then i'd suggest the stagg bc300. to be honest i was in a kind of similar position, i took up the bass to join a band, but i was an alright guitarist, and i am now primarily a bassist and not too bad compared to some of the pop punk players out there. but yea, stagg bc300 is the best starter bass you'll find.
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Whell technically so did I. But to be honest I always wanted to play Bass even before I picked up guitar. I was attracted by the sound, and I stay for that feel!

Ask him if he wants to play Bass but don't force it on him, or give mention to anything about a band.
I'll have to repeat what those guys said, get an actual bassist and tell your friend to learn guitar. However, if your friend really wants to play bass, get him to visit guitar stores, and try the ones he likes that are in his price range. Since he's starting out he can ask the workers for advice, and he can get a feel for the bass, rather than trusting the word of people on the internet what is and isn't good.
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why do peoplr go 'the guitarist is shit, bass is easy he can play that' ? I know I piss alot of other bassissts off by sticking to 4 strings etc, but, dude, if you want a good bass line and he is shit on guitar, it just means he'll be shit on bass, only more people will hear it.

Give him a triangle and a tambourine, or better still, leave his amp turned off so no one can hear him.
This thread pissed me off.... Bass is no easier than guitar.... he's going to suck more because its a newer instrument to him. Thank you Good Bye.